Practical Exercises in English

The art of using one's native tongue correctly and forcibly is acquired for the most
part through imitation and practice, and is not so much a matter of knowledge as of habit. As regards English, then, the first duty of our schools is to set before pupils excellent models, and, in all departments of school-work, to keep a watchful eye on the innumerable acts of expression, oral and written, which go to form habit. Since, however, pupils come to school with many of their habits of expression already formed on bad models, our schools must give some attention
to the special work of pointing out common errors of speech, and of leading pupils to convert knowledge of these errors into new and correct habits of expression. This is the branch of English teaching in which this little book hopes to be useful.

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    04/06/09 @ 06:03:50 pm

    great work

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    Comment from: noor
    04/08/09 @ 09:42:29 pm

    thanx a lot

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    sun rise
    Comment from: sun rise
    12/11/09 @ 06:14:35 pm

    thank you

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